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Get Rid of iTunes Duplicates

This article explains how to automatically identify and get rid of iTunes duplicates via a tool called CopyTrans TuneSwift.

  1. First, start by opening CopyTrans TuneTastic by double-clicking on the squid icon.
  2. The program will now load by scanning your iTunes library and identifying various problems with it such as duplicate songs
  3. Once you see a summary of the state in which your iTunes library is in, click on the eye button next to the Duplicate section (see image below)
  4. You will now see all your duplicate tracks in your iTunes library arranged by the album name in which they appear. In the example below we have 6 duplicate tracks occur in the album “Torches” by Foster the People
  5. remove duplicates in iTunes
  6. CopyTrans TuneSwift will automatically verify which of the listed tracks is the original and which is the duplicate according to several criterions
    • whether the track file is already in the iTunes Media folder
    • how many times the track was played in your iTunes library
    • what is the star-rating of the song in your iTunes library
    • when the track was played for the first time
  7. Any track which is automatically identified as the original by CopyTrans TuneSwift will always appear under the number 1 on the right side
  8. Of course, it is you who would make the final choice of which track you would like to keep and which you would like to get rid of
  9. In order to apply the changes, click on the cog-wheel button
  10. get rid of duplicates in iTunes

That’s it! Go to the following page, in order to download CopyTrans TuneTastic and easily get rid of iTunes doubles.

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