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Find Missing iTunes Artwork

This page will guide you how to manually or automatically find and add missing iTunes artwork from within iTunes. You can soon also find missing iTunes artwork by using a tool called CopyTrans TuneTastic.

Finding and adding artwork from within iTunes

  1. Start your iTunes. For ease of identifying your missing album artwork switch to Cover Flow view.
  2. find iTunes missing artwork

  3. You can try and automatically look for appropriate album artwork by right-clicking on the selected track and choosing “Get Album Artwork”.

    add iTunes artwork
    get iTunes artwork

    • The drawback is that iTunes automatic artwork finder would most probably not find the album cover.
    • There is also a chance that the artwork which iTunes automatically applies is not the correct one.
  4. In case iTune does not find most of your missing album arwork, you can always search for album covres online on, say, Google or on Amazon. When you find the right album artwork, simply save the image file to a folder on your PC.
  5. Next, from within iTunes, right-click on the track missing artwork and choose “Get Info”. You will be presented with a new window. Just click on the Artwork tab and make sure to add the respective cover image you had previously saved.
  6. locate missing iTunes artwork

  7. For a more effective way to find missing iTunes artwork, you can use a third-party utility called CopyTrans TuneTastic.
  8. missing iTunes song cover

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